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01 August, 2018

I wish both phones and computers had a physical mute button for the microphone.

28 July, 2018

I’m reading an old Jack Kirby comic, and there’s a dude whose super power is his “Stone Hand,” by which I mean he’s a guy holding a brick.

26 July, 2018

Now explaining Weezer and GnR to my kids, they’re not really getting it tbh

26 July, 2018

Current status: drinking a Dopo Teatro Manhattan and explaining the Fresh Prince to my kids

26 July, 2018

Just read one article about bartenders using vodka for the “texture” and another about bartenders using stevia and I’m in a mood to get into a fistfight.

20 July, 2018

Jay-Z’s intro on “Umbrella” is functionally equivalent to a DVD anti-piracy warning.

How To IndieWeb, For Free!

25 June, 2018

I managed to stitch a thing together that lets me own all my social media posts, publish them through to Twitter and Facebook so people might actually read them, requires no server management, kind of has a mobile client, and costs zero dollars per month! It works roughly like…

People Do It Differently

04 July, 2017

During my first gig as a manager, I hired a a guy who in a more just world would have been at least three levels above me. He was probably 20 years my senior, triple my experience in the industry, had a master’s degree in mathematics and a number of publications, and had done…

Bono is very disappointed

18 June, 2017

While working on the Music Magazine , I always imagined that I’d end up rubbing shoulders with great artists. In practice this never really happened; the Magazine was on the other coast, and the engineers were never flown out to special events the way that the biz folks…

Context you may need for my dumb stories about The Music Magazine

18 June, 2017

I used to be the tech lead for a Major Music Magazine’s website. I didn’t work for the magazine itself, though, due to complicated boring corporate stuff that you don’t care about, and thus I will definitely explain it to you. The Magazine came from an old-school print tradition…

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